My New Best friend: D3100

May 10, 2011- that’s ten days before my 18th birthday, I finally got the present I so wanted and wished for. A DSLR!

I waited two years for this. Ever since I knew I had an eye for photographs, ever since I was appointed Corps S7 in CAT, and is in charge of taking photos for documentation, ever since a lot of people saw my potentials through my photographs using a point and shoot digicam, ever since photography became a fad hobby and DSLRs are so popular even ten-year-olds are owning them, I was dying to get my hands on my very own DSLR.

For weeks, I’ve been canvassing and researching on what model to buy. I was torn between Nikon and Canon. Apparently, no one could tell me which brand is better than the other. There are reviews I read that prefer Nikon, while some prefer Canon. Some of my friends prefer Nikon, while some prefer Canon. Finally, I made up my mind on buying a Canon 550D, with its large censor and 18 megapixels. But when I arrived at Pixel Pro in Parkmall, I discovered that they ran out of Canon 550D, so I went to check out Canon’s counterpart Nikon. At first I checked out D90, which the saleslady told me was in par with 550D, but it was expensive (49,500php). The lady suggested Nikon D3100 and told me I could get it for about 30K, and with its cheaper price, I could still buy another set of lens that can zoom more than the basic kit 18-55mm. So, I went to buy Nikon D3100 with kit lens 18-55mm and Nikor Lens 55-200mm.

Why did I choose D3100 instead of the higher model D90? Well, first, it’s cheaper. Second, it’s lighter, third, it has a megapixel of 14.something compared to D90’s 12.5MP and lastly, I’m still an amateur at photography and I’d probably never take photography as a profession but a hobby.  The quality of D3100, is probably not as good as D90 and unlike D90, D3100 is not compatible to all Nikor lens. However, a DSLR is still a DSLR, and I firmly believe that the beauty of a photograph does not solely rely on the camera. It’s actually more of the photographer’s skills and talent. The proof of this statement is the gallery of pictures I’ve taken in the past using a point-and-shoot camera Sony Carl Zeiss.

By the way, I changed watermarks. I wanted to go with something simpler and much shorter and a bit more discreet. Changing watermarks also marks the birth of my photography sessions with my new D3100.


I’m looking forward to a series of adventures with my new best friend, my Nikon D3100.

Max resolution 4608 x 3072
 Image ratio w:h 3:2
Effective pixels 14.2 megapixels
 Sensor photo detectors 14.8 megapixels
 Sensor size APS-C (23.1 x 15.4 mm)
 Sensor type CMOS
Processor Expeed C2


7 thoughts on “My New Best friend: D3100

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  2. WOW! I’ve been out of the blogosphere for a long time and here you are getting a new cam! and not just a cam, it’s DSLR! whew. I’m green with envy now. haha. so you went for Nikon over Canon. 😀

    But congrats and advance happy bday? haha 😀

  3. Congratulations on the new camera, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. You seem the have a creative eye, something I wish I had more of, I’m more technical oriented. And good job choosing Nikon instead of canon :p

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