Black and White Vs RGB

The two pictures are taken from the same raw/original file.  But as you can see from the picture above, the moods conveyed by the photos differ from one another.

Colored pictures exude playfulness, especially when they are well contrasted with each other and when vibrant colors such as green, pink and yellow are present.  On colored photographs, one must pay attention to the play of colors: how green interacts with red, or how blue contrasts with yellow, etc.  On the other hand, black and white pictures have this kind of drama and mystery to it. Since no color is present, the emphasis of the picture is on the composition, lighting and perspective rather than the relationships of the colors.

Both pictures are still stunning but both have different appeals.

When to convert photographs to black and white during post-production:

Personally, I convert photographs to black and white when I find that my colored photographs lack the vibrancy that it should have.  Sometimes, when you’re not in good lighting or your background and foreground is dull in color or when it’s a gloomy and gray day and the redness of red or yellowness of yellow does not come out well or when the colors clash and distracts viewers from the focal point, converting the photograph to black and white will make your photograph look more interesting, artistic and immaculate.

Some shots that improved dramatically when converted to black and white:

It’s better to shoot in color and do all the conversion of black and white using post-production software such as Photoshop later. Why? In case you want to change your mind and keep the colors, or so you could have a variety of moods that allows you to select one that suits the mood you want your photograph to convey to others.


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