Day 17: Letter to Someone from your Childhood

Dear Irvin,

You are my first ever best friend and I am amazed at how long we’ve been friends.
We might not be in touch all the time, but meeting you again after a long time is just like meeting you everyday. Nothing seemed to change except now you’re voice is much deeper. We’re still the best of friends who used to play Ghost fighter and Doctor Quack2 during our childhood.

I hope fate will bring us back together again, because we have a lot of catching up to do. I haven’t confided in you in a long time. And I’m sure so many things have changed. The next time we meet, we won’t be discussing about Naruto anymore, but probably something deeper than that.

I’m still glad we call each other best friends, despite the long gap of time we hadn’t shared together.

Hope to see you, soon…



One thought on “Day 17: Letter to Someone from your Childhood

  1. thank you jan!! i was so touched with this one!! i’m also proud to have found a best friend like you…hope we can see each other soon…if time will allow us…hehehe…miss you my friend and hope to hear more from you…

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