Tumblr Challenge

I saw this posted by my best friend in Facebook. Upon reading the challenge, I’m quite interested. I know I’m supposed to do this in Tumblr and for ten consecutive days, but I’m done with Tumblr, and I know I can’t keep up for ten consecutive days without getting hit by ‘ningas-kugon’ plague. So, I’m doing this here in my blog and I’m doing this all in one post.

Ten Things you want to say to ten different people: 

1. Nicole: I miss you, girly.

2. Dee: Thanks for accompanying me to USC-TC.

3. Lyssa:  Thanks for being the instrument of helping me reconnect with God.

4. Mama and Papa: Thanks for giving me the best birthday gift. Thanks for supporting me in my studies.

5. *Ahem1*: I have nothing to say to you, but I do hope things would go back to the way it was before.

6. Irvin: We really need to catch up with each other.

7. Pretty Boy: I am so annoyed at you sometimes. Okay, maybe most of the time…

8. Jizbeth: Please don’t be such a bully. But thanks for bearing with my nonsense and with all my photography frenzy.

9. *Ahem2:* I’m so over you. Or so I think until I run into you again.

10. Pretty Stranger: Can I make you my model?

Nine Things About Myself:

1. I recently like photography.

2. I used to be a Kpop fan, but I think I grew out of that.

3. I’m such a hopeless romantic.

4. My favorite color is green.

5. I have a lot of frog stuff toys

6. I have three dogs: two puppies and their mother.

7. I cried watching 3 idiots three times.

8. I am going to be an Architecture student in USC.

9. I love Gossip Girl.

Eight Ways to Win Your Heart

1. Ask me about myself. Egotistic much? Maybe? Hehehe. I do love talking about myself but not in a cocky kind of way. I love talking about things I love like my hobbies, etc.

2. Make me laugh genuinely.

3.  Make me feel comfortable around you

4. Open up to me. You win my heart when I know you trust me.

5. Talk to me about meaningful things: like life, education, politics, love, movies and song preference

6.  Text me late at night. I love conversations late in the evening.

7. Write me a heartfelt letter.

8. Compliment me. Hahahaha. I have to be honest. I’m a kind of person who’s easily flattered. 😀

Seven Things that Cross your mind

1. What to wear tomorrow? (That is if I have an appointment on that day)

2.  My deepest secrets, including Ahem1 and Ahem2.

3. My future

4. Architecture… Am I going to do well there? Am I going to make good friends like I did when I was in CDU-Med Tech.

5. Photography… What is the theme of my next photoshoot? Where and when?

6.  My LSS (Last song syndrome) for the day.

7.  God…

Six Things You Wished You’ve Never Done 

1. Eat a lot and gain lots of weight

2. Overused my laptop and destroyed the motherboard.

3.  Bought some books I never finished reading

4. Spend so much on earphones and headphones that at the end of the year, I saved no money.

5. Destroyed things that have sentimental values like the iPod I asked my parents to buy for me when I was a first year high school student.

6. Not answered Alexa’s phone call

Five People Who mean a lot to you (in no particular order. This is really hard.)  

1. Mama

2. Papa

3. Jizbeth

4. Dee

5. Irvin

Four Turn-offs

1. Smokers

2. Tattoos

3. Being a know-it-all

4. Profanity

Three Turn Ons

1. Musical talent (guitar, vocals, piano)

2. Friendliness (ability to make me feel warm towards him/her)

3.  Sense of Humor

Two Smileys that describe your life right now.

1. O.o (confused)

2. 😀 (Happy)

One Secret

 Really, if I spill this, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore. Hahaha. Sorry, but a secret is still a secret. So I’m gonna shut up and not tell you.

7 thoughts on “Tumblr Challenge

  1. awwe. you don’t have to thank me Jam. It was God who wanted you back. I was just some sort of instrument (i guess? but i didnt even do anything!)

  2. I was reading through the list of questions and they look familiar and then I realized I had a version of this in my blog which I called: 55 things you ought to know about me. If you care. 🙂

    of course. of course 10+9+8+7…+2+1=55. haha. some questions are different though.

    Anyway, I agree with smokers^^

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