Plants and Bokehs

Actually, this photo is not really what I'd say 'exemplary'... If you look closely, the focal point is one of the leaves and it actually does not stand out very well from its foreground which are also leaves. It isn't a very interesting shot if you focus on the picture's focal point. But I still find this picture pretty (in my opinion) because of how the yellow bell flowers behind create a nice blend of green and yellow bokehs.

I think this is my favorite shot. It's so natural. I'm even amazed at how this shot turned out and how the sunlight made the flower glow. For this one, I opened my apperture widely, set the ISO at 100, readjusted the shutter speed (this one's the trickiest. For me, it was a trial and error) until I got the right combination, and Tadaah!

For those not familiar with Bokeh, bokeh is a form of photography style. It’s the aesthetic quality blur when you set an area out of focus. The term is from the Japanese word ‘boke’ which means ‘blur’ or ‘boke-aji’ which means ‘blur quality’

This is what I mean by Bokeh. The circular lights... (Note: the pic above is not mine)

9 thoughts on “Plants and Bokehs

  1. and i hate how my brother takes pictures while walking around. with a not-so-good camera like mine, it’s impossible not to have it blurred sometimes. lucky shots? haha

  2. yeah. too expensive actually. my brother has potential, you know? like i lent him the digicam when he went to the province with Papa and his shots were good actually. My mum was like, she could send us to photography classes(and buy the camera)coz she wants one of us to follow my grandfather’s footsteps. but i told her it was too expensive (i wanted to but nevermind nalang. haha)

    • oh it’s simple. u just cut out a heart shape from card board and tape it to the lens of the camera. this cut out shape substitutes the aperture’s round shape. so instead of round bokehs u get heart shapes.

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