My first Street Photography Attempt

Not very great shots. But hey, go easy on me as it is my first time. I could’ve gotten a better shot if I had access to a good angle or if I were more audacious to get out of the car and find that good angle.  But I’m still scared of  using the camera in the streets. In the Philippines, it’s not easy to go around carrying expensive stuffs when you know evil is lurking in all corners. Carrying something like a DSLR will make you prone to getting filched. (Or maybe, I’m too cautious or paranoid) So, I stayed inside my car. T.T I’ve always wanted to do some exploration and venture in street photography, but apparently, I don’t have the guts yet.

I wanted to do something creative like this:

not my work

 But my amateurism turned out like this:


Okay, note to self. Two things I might need to work on.

1. Get a tripod. (Need to save up for that, but apparently I’m all out of cash.) Tripods provide stability and prevent photo disasters such as blurs caused by shaky hands. When you slow down your shutter speed to allow it to capture the motion of the lights, you need to stay still to prevent blurring the stationary objects.

2. Be bolder and look for better angles like from above a skywalk or something.

Any tips for a noob photographer?


One thought on “My first Street Photography Attempt

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