My Top 5 Songs that builds Self Esteem

This song reminds us that problems and difficulties molds us to be stronger. When the push comes to shove, we should just wipe off and shake off the dust and then STAND.

Yes! Nobody is F**kin’ Perfect unless you believe yourself so. We shouldn’t measure ourselves to what society sets or compare our shortcomings with other’s abundance. We should love ourselves and change the negative voices in our heads to positive.

Hidden and undiscovered, each one of us has our own fireworks inside us. They could be anything like our hidden potentials or talents we refused to show other people because we’re afraid. We just have to ignite the light to let the fireworks inside of us shine.

Not a Gaga Fan, but I have to admit, putting aside the eccentric and probably controversial music video concept, this song helps boost one’s esteem. And this was performed by Glee on an episode about self acceptance, when Rachel tried to get a nose job.

This song isn’t just for the cancer patients out there. This song is for anyone who’s facing difficulties, reminding them that we shouldn’t give up, through it all, just stand up.


6 thoughts on “My Top 5 Songs that builds Self Esteem

  1. i have somethign to say about born this way. not only is the video DISGUSTING and STRANGE in that not-so-good way but it could lead people astray. When you listen to it on the surface, you feel empowered and you’d be like “oh i’m born this way.” but that’s line could lead people astray. ASTRAY.

    • yes. it could probably… but i was referring to how it was interpretd in Glee. It’s about embracing your flaws. the ones that are natural. like in rachel’s case: her nose.

    • oh yeah! how can i forget that song… No boundaries was one of the songs that inspired me during my tenth year. and it was one of the songs I listened to when graduation was nearing.

  2. I love Just Stand Up, too, Jam! Haha! Dili lang ko ganahan sa version katung with Miley! Yabag siya in all fairness! 😀

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