Studio Self-portraiture @ Home

I have to come out clean. I am a frustrated photographer wanna-be. I just started this hobby seriously about a month ago when Kuya Arnold took me to his photoshoot. I got to tag along and take pictures of his models, too and I got to substitute him as a photographer when he wanted himself shot. I think that was a turning point in my life. Though I was a photography enthusiasts before that, I always thought that photographing people (you know, dress them up and take shots of them and post-processing them) was not my kind of field. I thought that I’d never be good at it, but I was wrong, because the shots I took when I tagged along that photoshoot were fantastic.

I’ve been reading a couple of  photography tips and tutorials and came across self-portraiture, which I thought was really impossible for me to do.  But my enthusiasm for photography challenged me to take on self-portraiture. Take note… I’m taking photos of me not because I’m vain (which  I am a little bit), but I’m doing this because self-portraiture allows me to explore the many wonders of photographing people without having to worry about convincing someone to model for me and asking him/her to bear with me if ever it takes awhile for me to get the shot done. This is so because I’m going to be my own model and if there is someone I’m going to stress out and direct that would be my own self. Self-portraiture allows me to practice on my own at my own pace and explore many different techniques of portraiture which I can apply to my models in the future

But the downside of self-portraiture is that I am on my own and I can’t telophase and split  myself into two: one would be the photographer and one, the model. It’s so difficult because as a photographer and model at the same time, I can’t have the best of both worlds. It’s so difficult to pose without knowing if my angle facing the camera is desirable.It’s a trial and error process. I have to run to my posing area to the area where I mounted my tripod to check whether the shot is okay. I do this after every shot. And running back and forth like that triggers my sweat glands. By the third attempt, I’m already sweating a river. Thankfully, photoshop can magic my sweat away.

Today. I had people to assist me on my self portraiture. (Yay! Apparently, no man is an island).  But I took my photos through self-timer and I still had to run back and forth every shot to know if the angle of myself in the camera is desirable or if I’m in focus or not.  My assistants’ jobs were to help me with my set-ups.

So, without further ado… Here are the self-portrait shots I took today: (post-processing and make up, also done by me)


My sweating was kind of obvious in this picture. Hahaha. Oh well... 😀 It was a work out. Hahaha.

The roses I'm holding here are the 18 roses given to me by my friends and family on my birthday. I didn't include the 19th rose here. Hahaha.

I repeat… I’m not vain. I’m just experimenting.

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