First Wedding Gig 2011

Too tired for words…  I conducted a photoshoot with my cousins and sister just for fun and I’m so beat. I’ve noticed that ever since I took this hobby seriously, I’m getting frequently hungry. Do you burn lots of calories when you conduct photo shoots? Well, I do sweat a lot whenever I do. I mean even if I’m not the model, I still find myself in complicated positions just to get great angles and shots.

So, as I promised yesterday, I’m going to blog about my first wedding Gig which happened last May 23, 2011 (yesterday). I was assisted by Jiboy, who I think will be my official assistant ever. The wedding took place in Alliance of Two Hearts Church and was followed by a reception in Lola Eat’s which really served delicious pork belly and beef that I almost overindulged. Thankfully, I’m not the glutton Jam like I was before. I’ve been controlling my appetite. But still, I get usually very hungry after a photoshoot.

Okay, back to the wedding… I did this for free, just to practice. But of course, I made sure my practice was as good as perfect. It’s important to still make the bride and groom happy with my pictures even if I gave my services for free.

Here are some of the shots… I have a hundred others which I will give to the newly-wed in a CD.

The bride is my mom and my manicurist and nail artist.


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