A Fun Photoshoot to Kill Time

Days ago, I promised my cousins that I’ll conduct a photo shoot with them. Yesterday, I fulfilled that promise.

Theshoot was conducted in my cousins’ room. They have this pink wall in there that functions as my backdrop. My sister and my cousin Kia are vain enough to agree to model for me and bear with me as I try to explore on which setting would give me the perfect lighting and exposure.

This was how it looked like behind the set. Hahaha. It’s pretty funny how I utilized the tripod to hold the lamp for me. I really wanted a back light since it would look really nice if the hair is illuminated with a golden glow. I didn’t have any artificial light, except for this lamp here. I only relied on the sunlight coming from the window (I opened the windows to let in a lot of light) and the lights inside the room which I all turned on. I wanted to shoot in a bright scene as much as possible so that I could nix the ISO.

The fan could only do a minimal wind effect, so I went back to our house, which was across my cousin’s and look for my hairdryer. The reflector has proven its worth and importance in this shoot as it reduces the shadows. I’m glad I bought one from the cash gift my auntie gave me for my birthday. Now that I have a tripod and reflector, my next agenda is to buy an external flash which is really expensive. The cheapest is probably 7,000php+. I think I’d be able to purchase one after four or five months of saving my allowance. But I doubt if I can save 7k in that span of time. As an architecture student, I’m going to be purchasing lots of art and architectural materials. I also have to buy other miscellaneous that my mom doesn’t cover, example: a new outfit or movie tickets to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part II. I also have to contribute an amount to future birthdays to come. Okay… so make that Christmas until I have enough money to buy an external flash.

If only I could earn money by photography? But who would hire an amateur like me when there are others complete with the set-up to make clients picture perfect. I don’t think I’d also want to be paid (not just yet). I’m the type of person who would give photo shoots for free for the experience.

 Okay, so here are the pictures of my photo shoot with my sister and cousin. I actually like how they turned out. Modesty aside, I think they look like they were taken by a professional and not by someone who just learned how to use a reflector.

My sister, Jizly:

My cousin, Kia:

Love how this turned out. The wall looked like it was a studio backdrop and my back light and reflector worked well with each other to give me this effect.

My cousin used this pic for her Facebook profile picture.

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