Nikon D5100 Extraordinary Angles Competition

Guys, please like my photo entry submission to Nikon D5100 Extraordinary Angles Competition. The picture above is my entry and to be directed to the link to where you should hit that like button, please click the image above or here.

The reason why I chose the picture above is its one of my favorite candid shots of a child. I took this during one of ALEx’s Shoebox distribution.  Something in this child’s eyes captivate me. His seemingly lost but innocent eyes evokes emotion in me. Pity included. If you try to examine the picture, you would see him looking at a distance with eyes that tells a story of his pain. The boy is like the quintessence of an impoverished child and to think that he is just one of the thousands of children that needed to be rescued from poverty.

In line with this picture here are other pictures I have taken last May 21, 2011 during ALEx’s Shoebox distribution in line with CCF (Community Christian Fellowship) , who conducted a three-day Catechism Program entitled God Makes Me Stronger. The last God Makes Me Stronger program I’ve witnessed was held in Urgello last April.

The ALEx memebers, except me

9 thoughts on “Nikon D5100 Extraordinary Angles Competition

  1. You got that child in his ‘moment.’ He looked so fragile. You can crop that yellow thing in the side. It may be taken as a distraction. The wall does create texture in the whole thing. 🙂

    I love the photo of the child with the biscuit hehe. You captured hunger too lol.

  2. ooopss. this needs facebook access which I don’t have right now since I’m in the office. (FB is one of the blocked sites in the office, bummer) haha. but sure thing. will do once I’m back home. Good luck!

    The kid eating the biscuit is so cute. 🙂

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