Playing with Helium

Belated Happy Birthday to Me! Gosh, I look DRECKITUDE!

I still have the mother balloon from my 18th birthday last May 20. My cousins played with the other balloons during my birthday but I wasn’t able to join them because I was busy with my guests. So, I decided to try playing with Helium for myself.

The feeling of helium inside my lungs was weird.  It’s like having a mild pre-asthma attack (or maybe I’ve inhaled too much? When I speak, I don’t hear myself. I hear a dwarf-ish high pitched voice instead. It’s pretty fun. But inhaling too much helium has actually side effects and I just discovered that when I wrote this post and researched about the the reason helium makes you sound different.

In my research, I found out that the helium can make sound travel faster so the vibrations will get from the vocal cords to the mouth quicker, which is the very reason the voice resonates in a higher pitch. But I also found out that our body cannot identify if the lungs is short of oxygen until a person falls suddenly unconscious due to too much inhalation of helium. Helium could be fatal because it can cause air bubbles inside the lungs. Gosh!!! I didn’t know that. If I did, I wouldn’t have inhaled that much helium.

Okay, another product of today’s randomness. (I was supposed to use the word ‘boredom’, but thinking about it, I wasn’t bored, just have a knack to make a fool of myself) is me hoolahooping with curlers on my hair. Helium must’ve gotten into my brain causing a temporary damage. Wew.


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