A Blast @ Cebu Blog Camp 2011

I was pretty nervous attending the Cebu Blog Camp 2011, as it is my first time and I know no one. But I swore to myself, I’m not going to let my shyness overcome me. I swore to myself to practice conversing with other people, smile my friendliest smile, make friends, plug in my blog and digest properly the information I will be learning on that day.

Here are the Β HighlightsΒ for this Event that makes Cebu Blog Camp 2011 an unforgettable experience for me.

The Speakers of the Events

I’ve learned a lot from these guys and aside from learning from them, I am inspired to take my blogging more seriously. I am inspired to make it big in the blogging industry and become a big influence. (hahaha. ambitious much?)

The Resolutions

I made a resolution after the event. Here’s a list of them.

  • download Mozilla Firefox 4, The new feature which was the Panorama feature was really cool. It keeps tabs organized. As a student, I can use it to group the tabs for my homeworks and researches and the tabs that manages my blog and social network sites. As a person who’s pretty unorganized, this feature is very helpful.
  • register at Piclyf.com. As a photoblogger wannabe, this Facebook+Flickr+Foursquare site that can share pictures easily to other social networks is really convenient.
  • Comment at other people’s blog more often. I visit a lot of sites before, but I never leave traces of me. If I want more traffic to my site, I should comment at other people’s blogs, too.
  • Join more social network. Aside from facebook, I have an inactive Youtube account that I use for uploading personal videos. I also started Flickr. I have an unmaintained Tumblr and Twitter. So, aside from joining more social networks, I should make it a point to resurrect in Tweeter.
  • have a calling card
  • get a more distinct blog identity. I blog almost about anything and recently about photography. I think I should establish myself better online by sticking to one niche (perhaps photography?) I don’t have any idea how I exist as a blogger yet. I better find that inner voice in me. πŸ˜€
  • place watermarks (I do place watermarks but sometimes I’m just too lazy to edit pictures and leave my mark.)

New People and New Blogs to ReadΒ 

I put on my thick face to approach people to ask for their URLs. I wasn’t able to get a lot of them since I was still a bit shy to approach other people (Shy daw?)

Here are the links I got. I’m going to add them on my blogroll later.


Off the Record:
But damn, my left eye hurt from the contact lens I wore. During the camp, my irritated eye was bothering me. There was even a talk that I stayed in the washroom trying to not poke my eye as I fix my contacts.

I think I’m not going to wear contacts for awhile. This teaches me a lesson that I should be just proud of my black eye (I mean black pupils… not black eye as in bruise)

I make wearing contact lenses look really painful. If you haven't tried contacts yet, don't dare watch me put it on. You're going to tear up in my behalf.

It usually takes me a short while to put on contacts. But there are times it takes almost forever.

That’s it for my post. The Cebu Blog Camp 2011 is a success and a very great experience for me, a noob blogger. I hope to join the third Cebu Blog Camp which is set on May 26, 2012. I’m surely going to attend the next camp, that is if 2012 isn’t the end of the world.


42 thoughts on “A Blast @ Cebu Blog Camp 2011

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  2. nice entry jam! i love your photos. I really miss doing this…so [pls allow me to grab some of your photos in your facebook album ha! wala jud ko kabalo unsay nahitabo sa akong battery kung asa nga kalibutan naabot. Thanks to u for taking some of our photos (me and jam) hehehee

    sorry to know about your eyes..i hope they are okey now.

    the url i used here is of my main blog.

  3. weeeeeeee. you are more serious than me basing on your resolutions. haha. yup. I agree with you. It was a blast! See yah around the City! and most definitely let’s go camping again next year. πŸ˜€

  4. hi janelle! glad you took time to visit my page. yours is really cool. i didn’t know one could create an entry regarding the event yesterday, and summarize well the way you did here, in less than 24 hours. lol. well, see you around and expect me to visit your site from time to time. πŸ˜‰

  5. Hi! I’m waiting for the list of bloggers’ URL to be sent out so that I could follow them individually. I’m not sure if something like that will happen, so I just went over to Cebu Blog Camp’s Facebook. I got to find yours.
    I’ll be following you now, and wow this is quick. Haven’t posted about Cebu Blog Camp yet. You’re part of the Iligan group right?

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  7. thanks for attending the workshop! my blog started out as a personal site where I talked about anything too. As time passes, you develop your niche as a blogger and realize along the way what type of things you want to share in the end.
    Thanks for gracing the event! We had a lot of meaty topics this year!

    • last night, i sort of like had an epiphany…. hahaha. (so totally inspired to find my niche by the camp)…
      there are travel, fashion, food and photob bloggers. these guys found their niche by following their heart and pursuing their passion. I’m a photography enthusiast, myself. so i think i’m going to start a purely photo blog and stuffs of my venture through photography. i have here posts of that already but maybe i shud isolate them from my personal posts. πŸ˜€

      and yes, the topics were meaty. not just meaty. juicy too.

  8. awesome. though i’m having bit of a trouble in finding a niche in the blogosphere. HAHA i’ve always been the one to rant about anything and everything. but hey, do you mind checking out my latest post? i have a couple of questions there which might give me a little sense of sunshine and direction in this whole niche thing. I’m really troubled too. haha good thing to discern about in the next couple of weeks since siblings’ classes would start a tad bit earlier than ours. haha

    good luck on your photography too. you’re doing very good by the way not that you need the affirmation. :))

    • lyssa… i think you found ur niche already… dugay na….
      though ur more of a personal blogger, but ur posts inspire people to go back to God and reinkindle their relationships with him….

      • really? lol *happy dance* (wait, i don’t have a happy dance. i shall soon have one.) anyway, uhm. i think it’d be hard if i do start blogging about the Christian faith and not just MY faith because if i blog about that, then i’d have to be ready to defend it and reason out (though it is called faith, yes. we should be able to reason out – ReEd20) so yeah. I’d have to think about this niche thing but so far, i’m happy with what i’m doing and as much as i enjoy company in my blog, i really don’t mind the traffic. (i actually chose to take out the status widget so i don’t blog just because of the pressure to attract more readers coz i’m afraid it would turn out that i’m using my faith to earn web popularity and i don’t want that.) So yeah. much discerning. HAHA

  9. Wow, you blog pretty fast! I was also a bit shy myself to step up to the other bloggers, so I didn’t get to meet you and most of the bloggers. But thanks to the link CBC posted on Facebook, I ended up at your blog. And I love your post about the blog camp. Which reminds me to blog about the experience as well. I guess I’m one of the bloggers guilty about backlog, even though I’m not a travel blogger, hahaha! =)

    • hehehe. whenever there’s an event goin on, i always try to blog ASAP whenever I can because if not, i’d forget about blogging the event or the fire in me has already died that instead of feeling inspired to blog, it’s just gonna be like being forced to blog and that’s not good. hehehe. nice meeting u online, btw. πŸ˜€

      • re-reading your post, and just wanna say “You knew No one?” BWAHAHAHAH anyway..let’s get working on our next event…career mode for events organizing..

      • i knew no one except d organizers (u and johnn), but my statement is more of an exaggeration. hahaha. kay honestly, it was a first time that i attended an event on my own in my own will nga wa qy gidrag to join me. so i had to put on a baga face para makatalk with people kay im usually shy. hahaha (weh?)

  10. aaaaww. i wish i went. lol i don’t even know when this was but i’m keeping tabs on your reminders there. much of help too, you know. πŸ˜‰

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