Finding my Own Niche

Good morning, readers and a Blessed Sunday to all.

I recently attended the Cebu Blog Camp 2011 yesterday. I got to meet other bloggers from different fields of interests, distinct niches and unique personalities. But there were also personal bloggers like me, and random bloggers who blog about anything under the sun.


However, after some cogitations that I’ve made since last night and this morning, I have decided to make a separate account of all my personal blog posts and my field of interest blog post. So, I’m making a separate blog for all my photographic adventure. I wish to establish a distinct identity as a blogger and a photography hobbyist at the same time, maintain my sanity (LOL!) and freedom.


So, stay tune for my upcoming photoblog. I will be using Blogger, so that I could manage two blogs at a time. This wouldn’t be easy as pie if it weren’t for: Mozilla Firefox 4. Yes, I’ve already fulfilled one of my resolutions after the camp.


Mozilla Firefox has its new features, such as Persona (add skin to your browser), super fast start-up time, support HTML 5 and the one and only ‘Panorama Feature (Ctrl+Shift+E), which allows users to group tabs together. It’s really useful if your a hardcore Net surfer and you open a dozen tabs at a time.

Here’s how I will utilize Mozilla Firefox 4 to help me manage my blogs.

Soon, I’ll be opening my photoblog. I hope you stay tune. 😀 I hope that you will also support me all the way. (I’m talking to you, my new readers who came across my blog thanks to the Cebu Blog Camp. :D)


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