I didn’t think it’d be this quick for me to establish this photoblog.

I just blogged awhile ago that I’ll be starting one and here I am trying to promote one. So, far I’ve made four posts, all of them are reblogged from this blog. But all four fall into the category of photography. As I’ve said, I’m trying to make another entity as a photoblogger.

By the way, my new readers who are fellow Cebu Blog Campers of mine commented on how fast I could post. They didn’t expect that someone in less than 24  2 hours could blog about the event yesterday. Well, that’s me. I blog ASAP before I backlog. But that’s also because I have no other life besides blogging. I have no love life, too. Hahaha. Yes, that’s me. Just stuck at home. Sometimes, because of boredom, I lose a piece of my mind and it’s demonstrated here when I played with helium gas and even if it isn’t really my interest, played DotA, which I stopped playing after awhile because I couldn’t stand losing and being first blood always. But there’s also a good thing with being idle and that’s being able to blog quickly about anything. Not being busy at all at home gives me this ample time to establish a new blog, design it and transfer posts from this blog to it. So, if you’re worried you can’t blog as fast as me, you’re actually fine. You’re doing better. You have a life! CONGRATULATIONS. 😀

Anyway, without any further ado. I present to you THE PHOTOGRAPHIC JOURNEY OF A NOOBIE. Since I’m new to photography and blogging, I christened myself The Noob. (Oh, I so love that word that I use it in other things other than DotA.)

Click on the screenshot to be directed to my photoblog.

I hope I’ll be able to maintain these two blogs I’ll be managing. Classes for me will start on June 13. I fear that when classes start and projects pile up (incoming Archi student here. Lots of Plates to do), I won’t be able to update my blogs as regularly as I do. But even so, I hope you’ll still find time to visit my blog: This one and the new one.

3 thoughts on “

  1. awesome! :))

    I’m sure you’d be able to maintain both blogs jam. You’re not one to lag much coz of laziness anyway. HAHA 🙂

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