Met the Azkals

May 30, 2011–Yesterday, the Members of the Philippine National Football Team, a.k.a. the Azkals had a meet-and-greet session with their fans (mostly females. Boy, am I not surprise when I found out how good-looking they are in person) in Ayala Terraces, Cebu City.

Honestly, when I heard about the Azkals, I only know the Younghusband brothers. Yes, I didn’t know anyone but them. So during the meet-and-greet session yesterday, I was introduced to the other members of the Azkals team. Unfortunately, I really don’t have a very sharp memory. I don’t remember the names.

As you can see, the audience is packed with female teenagers. Most of them were soccer players. Fan girls squealed! I almost got myself carried away, too. Fortunately, I maintained my cool.


So, the event started with a question and answer portion. The audience were asked to write their questions and names on a piece of paper and the MC would pick randomly. If you’re lucky, your name gets to be mentioned and your question gets to be asked. I really tried to listen to the questions and the team’s answers, but it was too noisy with female hormones oozing out every female being’s pores. (Yes, good-looking Azkals have that effect on them. They almost worked on me.)

In the end, I gave up on taking down notes and decided to just focus on photographing them. Waaaah, it’s so hard to pretend to be a journalist. My goal really that day was to get decent information for ‘blogging purposes’, but I really did not know what notes to take down and I could not let the opportunity of taking pictures of them slip away. They were just picture perfect. (and I know that when I upload the pictures later on in my Facebook, a lot of my friends would view it.)

After the question and answer portion, some of the members showed off their awesome ball handling, whereas Simon Greatwich showed off his abs, with assistance from Neil.

Neil Etheridge, Jersey number 1 and Goal Keeper also showed off his ball handling skills. But he said he’s not really good with ball exhibitions because he is a goal keeper and he doesn’t do much ball dribbling.

For more pictures: check out the Photographic Journey of a Noobie.

After the exhibition was the meet and greet session. Only those with passes get the chance to have their pictures taken with the Azkals. I was one of the unlucky ones who went to meet and greet the Azkals, but didn’t have a decent shot with them as this female organizer was hurrying me up to move. Darn… I should’ve been just stubborn (Paugat effect!)

Okay, I’m so disappointed, because I didn’t get a decent shot with any of the members. I should’ve tapped them on their shoulders them like my sister did. I wanted a photo with James Younghusband! Waaah! Anyway, I got good shots of the guys (without me, of course) thanks to a trustworthy Nikor 200mm lens. and you can check those pictures in my photoblog or Flickr.


8 thoughts on “Met the Azkals

  1. haha..nice blog..nice cam..nitan-aw nalang tana ka sa aboitiz field kay naa sab sila picture taking ug autograph signing..may pa didto kay makaposing kag sakto..nagstalk gani ko nila from May 25-30..haha..

  2. WOW! I’m green with envy. 😀

    I was there but I watched Kung Fu Panda 2 instead. the screening time was 3:25 and when I saw the banner about AZKAL I already have a ticket. tsk tsk. bummer. haha

    • hahaha. bummer nga… i thought byah i saw u. or was it me imagining. i saw someone who’s kahawig with u. hahaha. basin dili tu ikaw, kay the girl was far from me man pud.

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