My Summer Evaluation


  • established two blogs and kept them active
  • had my first DSLR
  • self-studied photography by watching online tutorials and reading Digital Photography School
  • learned to play Defense of the Ancient (DotA), but never really became good at it. hehehe.
  • conducted 5 Photoshoots and saw how much I improved as I progressed

My Photoshoots... Conducted 5 of them in two months time

  • visited Bohol

    me in Bohol, love the white sands in Panglao and its nearby islets

  • Attended the Cebu Blog Camp 2011
  • Toured University of San Carlos and had all of my first year Med Tech credited for my shifting to Architecture
  • Outing with friends in Coco Palms
  • Outing with Friends in Papa Kit’s
  • documented for YMA 5’s KAC (Kool Adventure Camp)
  • read three books (WAAAH! Just three in two months? My sister who’s not a bookworm like me had read the Princess Diaries series: ten of them! Whereas me? Just three?)
  • learned new photoshop techniques (adjusting levels and Dragan effect)
  • Got a bit better in putting on make up (did my sister’s make up for her recital)
  • watched two ANTM (America’s Top Next Model) seasons (14 and 15)
  • attended two Shoebox Distributions

Unaccomplishments T.T(stuffs I should’ve done)

  • did not learn how to drive. Before summer began, it was one of my goals.
  • did not play tennis. I didn’t find a summer clinic. Playing tennis was also in my list of to-do’s and it’s now in my list of should-have-done’s.
  • didn’t learn any musical instrument. When it comes to music, I’m such a loser. I have no special skill or talent when it comes to this field.
  • bough color pencils before summer began but had not used it since I have drawn nothing but doodles. Incoming Architecture student, yet I have drawn none. Drawing was once my lifestyle (I drew everyday and was really good at it) and it’s sad that I have lost that in me. But I think my knack for drawing will come back this school year as I’ll be an Architecture student.
  • not saved a penny.
  • discontinued a daily routine of jogging. I used to jog everyday until I got sick. Then, I never returned.
  • Missed an opportunity to attend the Cebu Young Leader’s Summit because I have made prior commitments to Cebu Blog C,amp, but I didn’t regret choosing CBC over CYLS.
  • Missed 2 DYAB radio guestings for Young Minds Academy Promotions
  • Haven’t gotten over ____

I think my summer’s productive when I think about all the things I’ve learned and things I’ve done. Well, I’m saying that because my summer had been dedicated to photography and blogging. I’ve even made a joke saying that I’m married to blogging but is having an affair with photography. I can say for myself that I’ve really improved in photography and have maximized my camera well by conducting photoshoots with friends , setting a mini-studio in my sister’s room for practice, self-learning online, knowing the basics and experimenting with whatever I learned and practicing until I think it’s perfect (though most of my shots are not).

But if I compare my 2010 summer to this, I’d say I was more productive a year ago (minus the photography part). Last year, I traveled to Hong Kong, went to far away places around Cebu courtesy of Young Minds Academy, volunteered for C-CIMPEL during the 2010 elections, participated in a Governance forum in informing the public about the President and VP candidates’ records and reinvented myself as a new and improved Jam.  But my favorite memory of all last year was experiencing the bittersweetness of falling in-like/love with someone which I so lack this year.

I still have more summers to come. But note to self, next year I’ll be 19. 19 feels old… I even feel old at 18, though my life as an adult had just begun. Next year, I should live my summer to the fullest as it will be my last year as a teenager.

me with family and relatives in Hong Kong Ocean Park las year. It was my first time abroad.


6 thoughts on “My Summer Evaluation

  1. Wow! Kabongga sa summer! Like Kristine, this post made me realize how I spent my summer. hahaha!

    and yes, don’t feel old. you’re only 18. enjoy your youth! 😉

  2. reading all of this makes me realize how little I did this summer. Aside from work, I guess the only productive event I attended was the blog camp. hahaha. whatta loser. 😀 and don’t feel old. at least you are technically still a teenager. unlike me. hahhaa. whatta loser again. 😀

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