Cogitating Game 2: Mavs Vs Heat

I can still feel the adrenaline surging through the my veins. I just witnessed one of the best games I’ve seen this season and maybe because honestly, it’s just the third game I’ve seen this NBA season. But comparing the second game to the first, you’d most definitely agree with me that the second game was more breath-taking, adrenaline-rushing  and nerve-wracking that until now, I can still feel my heart skipping irregularly from all the thrills I experienced watching the game.

Heat in the last six minutes of the game were leading by a wide margin of 15 points.  Dwayne Wade was on a roll and unstoppable or so he thought when the momentum he set was put to a stop by Mavs’s tighter defense and offensive streaks.

Chris Bosh was the biggest disappointment. He was struggling in the game. Even if Wade was shining, Bosh did not feed off from his teammate’s shine.  Bosh attempted to get many shots in but most of his shots missed, and it pave an opportunity for Dallas’s possession.

Jason Terry helped closed that 15-point gap. To top that, Dirk Nowitsky brough the game to a tie (90-90). There were only a few seconds left when he scored again with a three. It was 93-90. Mavz was leading. I thought it was over for the Miami Heat until Chalmers calmly aced a three-point shot. I rejoiced! I anticipated an overtime with just a few seconds remaining on the clock. Heat might’ve thought there was going to be an overtime, too, and maybe relaxed a little. which was why they were not able to stop Dirk Nowitsky in claiming the victory for the Mavs. Game 2 concluded with a two-point victory for the Mavs.

Now, the over-all score is 1-1.

The next game will be held in Dallas Home court.  It’s going to be really critical for Heat if they want to bag the Champions title. Chances are slimmer for them because the atmosphere of playing in a different court with a different crowd might affect their game play.


Wade and James should learn that the right time to celebrate victory is after the game has concluded and not when there are still 6 minutes left to the game. Bosh should live up to his expectation as one of Heat’s Big three (No pressure there, dude, but you need to step up). Bibby and Chalmers are doing well scoring threes, but what good would their shooting skills do if they can’t get past Dallas Mavs’s very tight defense. Attacking is not just enough. Mavs are great offensive players, so Heat has to do something to fix the loopholes on their defense and improve on their rebounds.

The key to Heat’s victory  is to improve on their rhythm and momentum. They also have to work on their team play. Heat is not just a big-three team. Scoring should not only rely on Wade, James and Bosh the superstars. Heat should utilize the potentials of their other players like Chalmers, Miller and Bibby.

I’m rooting for Heat in this NBA finals. I hope they win.

For this week, until the end of the NBA season. My wallpaper is a slideshow of the member of Miami Heat.


10 thoughts on “Cogitating Game 2: Mavs Vs Heat

  1. By the way, Heat big three are in a different level than the Celtics big three. Also both teams have very different style of play. Heat offense is mostly from Wade or James and both of them direct their offense. The Celtics have more of a team play built around Rondo. Heat offense is easier to defend in a half court defense. The key to beat the heat is to score constantly and to rebound. And having an all star point guard helps.

    • my friend pointed out to me that heat’s big 3 doesnt work together. ive seen this as i made critical observatiosn of the game…f two of them shines, one of them struggles. just like game 2… while wade and james were on a roll, bosh was struggling and like the game with bulls, while james and bosh were on a roll, wade was struggling…

      thanks for the comment and helping me see the difference.. and yep… mavs have a good set of PG… and its one thing that heats lack.

  2. You should have seen game 4 of the western conference finals. Thunders lead by 15 with 5 minutes to go. The Maverics won in overtime by 5 points.That’s not the first time that Dallas made a comeback in the post season.(Its the fourth time) Bibby is not shooting well. Every time he has the ball I’m like SHOOT!!! cause I know he’s going to miss the shot. If the Mavs can contain the big three, they should win this series faster. GO MAVS!!!

    2012=Year of the Celtics. BANNER 18

    • i think bibby can shoot…i saw him when he was in Sacramento Kings b4 and he makes decent 3 point shots. 😀 wahahah. another mavs supporter. most of my pals are. hahaha. well, im cheering for heat, though.

  3. hahaha. wow. murag sports reporter /analyst na ka. hehe. and it’s not so obvious that you are so in to the game cause you even changed the header. haha.

    But I agree with you, the celebration should be not before the 4th qtr buzzer.

    • hahaha. frustrated sports reporter sah?
      btaw. Im just reminiscing my childhood… kay when i was 12, i so loved NBA jud. that on my 1st yr HS, my notebooks were NBA players. and me liking NBA back is like getting in touch with my childhood days. hahaha.

    • i know… mas dghan lg highlight ang heat. but its not the highlight that can make a team win. it’s the scoring pace. heat should keep up their momentum if they’re leading.

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