A Repository: College Vs High School

As you know, Ayala is having a back2school sale. The place is full packed with incoming students and people who basically just want to take advantage of huge discounts (talk about 10-30%). I went to Ayala to meet up with my classmates, so I could claim the item I bought from her online shop and basically, that’s it.

Not having enrolled yet in College (Enrollments for transferee students is still on June 8), I haven’t bought the basic things yet: like socks or foot sacks, handkerchiefs, shoes and school supplies, but I went to National bookstore to browse and saw the school supplies that were once in my list of requirements when I was in high school. As I was looking at the notebooks, the folders and envelopes of different colors, I started thinking about my high school days and tried to remember how may notebooks I would buy and folders I would stash.

I miss being a high school student and going through that list of requirements and shopping for them. I miss buying  a dozen notebooks and having a variety of designs. I miss buying a complete set of art materials, buying folders and envelopes and labeling them with my name, grade, section and teacher.

Now that I’m in College, going back to school isn’t as exciting as being in elementary or high school. Aside from making friends, back to school for College peeps always mean ‘having-nothing-to-do’ because the teacher does not turn up for classes, or it means having to attend long, boring, but helpful orientations.

Back in high school, first few days of classes were also set for orientations, but the difference for me is that there is always this feeling of thrill everytime I  take out my newly-bought ballpen or notebook. I don’t get that kind of bliss in college. Another difference is that the teacher will always be present on the first day to introduce herself and  listen to you as you introduce yourself. If you’re lucky she isn’t a killjoy, she might conduct GTKY games to break the awkwardness between you and your classmates.

In college, where do you find a teacher who does that? College teachers let you succumbed to the awkwardness by not showing up on your first meeting. If you’re shy like me (weh?), the whole period that your teacher wasted by not turning up will be spent staring at the wall or the board or at the new people, conjuring prejudices, making mental notes of their behaviors and outfits, looking out for who’s handsome and cute and texting your high school classmates about your observations.

Oh, how I remembered that on my first day, I was hoping to find someone handsome walk in the classroom. Someone good-looking did, and then he ran a hand on his hair  as he took a seat in the front and I realized how unfortunate. He was gay.

In my first year of Medical Technology, the teachers make us wait for more than thirty minutes until an irregular student who belongs to our class tells us that it’s okay to leave, now that thirty minutes has passed. But even if the handbook stipulated that rule, we freshmen students, with halos on our heads and horns that have not yet grown still remained glued to our seats until the time is up for the fear that the teacher might arrive on the last second and we’ll be marked absent for leaving her class. That’s an example of freshman innocence.

College is indeed very different from high school. They do not just differ with the requirements you have to buy or the teachers you encounter. They’re so much different than that. The culture, the atmosphere, the rules, the freedom, the people… So different.

It usually takes a process of adjustments. It didn’t take me long to adjust, but for some people, it might take a whole semester for them to lighten up and feel at ease with whoever they are with. Well, I can’t blame them. College is a big leap from high school and if you’re someone not accustomed to changes, GOOD LUCK! You need it very much. 😀

Fortunately for you, I have tips on how to survive College. These were the tips I have written for co-freshmen like me last year. Shifting to Architecture will make me a freshman again, so I’ll be reviewing the tips I crafted for myself in preparation for Architecture…  Stay tune for my next post about it. 😀

This was the first meeting before PE class. Still awkward with each other. You can see how people are seated far from each other while they're smiling awkwardly to the camera.

This was my class after a semester. See how we're so huddled closely together?

4 thoughts on “A Repository: College Vs High School

  1. thanks for reminding me about the Sale in Ayala. I guess last day na ugma so I will have to visit the mall before work. haha. I miss school except the quizzes, assignments and projects. 😀

  2. wahahahahahahahahaha i rememverd der was dis gal whom i dont want gud pag 1st day and pag 2nd day! hahahahahhahahaha u know ho u r! hehehe

    vitina pud! cant wait for ur tips!!!!

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