Tips for Incoming Freshman College Students (and Transferees)

1. Look confident and act confident even if you’re not. People might stare at you from head to toe, but so what? You’re gonna make yourself a laughing stock if you act conscious. If you can’t really avoid  feeling awkward, text a friend. No load? Pretend you’re texting someone then. (hehehe) The key is to get distracted from all the higher years gazing at you with their air of superiority. Although, that is rarely the case. The seniors might be looking at you intently because they remember themselves as freshmen in you and not because they’re trying to pick a fight.

2. Shun away the negativity by setting positive goals such becoming part of the Dean’s list or making a new friend or making the teacher know you. Just don’t aim for something like having a boyfriend on the first week.

3. Make observations first. The behavior of people will tell their personality. Stay away from bad crowd. But don’t misjudge people. Just because you see something you don’t really like,  doesn’t mean that what you saw defines them totally.

Let me share something. One of my closest friend now was the person who disliked me at first glance because he thought I was too igat (What’s the English term for that? But in tagalog, that’s maarte.) Well, he didn’t expect that the person wearing leggings and crop tops and sporting bangs with highlights was good-natured by heart. (AHEM!)

4. If your shy, it really will be very awkward for you. That’s ok. Almost all of you are feeling awkward on the first day. Just don’t let that awkwardness hinder you from making friends. It’s okay if you have moments of silence at first when you hang out with your new friends. You will just become accustomed to each other as time passes.

My first few days with my first friends were sooo awkward. The three of us walked around the campus without a word. We decided to hang by the mirror hall but we didn’t say a word to each other at all. We were texting, or pretending to… But these were the friends I have now who I grew very close with and it’s funny remembering the awkwardness that once enveloped us in silence

5. Don’t sit in the back. You won’t be able to hear the teacher when she discusses and she won’t know you exist and that’s really bad. The tendency if the teacher doesn’t know you is that you won’t be getting the grade you deserve.

6. Smile. Make yourself look like a very approachable and friendly person. Truthfully, people might be intimidated by you because you’re a very good English speaker and you come from a very well-known school or you wore something so high-fashion on the first day. Show to them your approachable. Even if you can’t strike a conversation, SMILE! Warning: your smile might be mistaken for arrogance. So practice in the mirror. Hahaha. Make sure the smile you have there is genuine and friendly and not a sneer.

My classmates didn’t really think I was approachable though I tried to be. They thought I was a foreigner and they didn’t know if I understood Bisaya or even English. Lol! I get an impression like that because of my height and my bangs.

7. Don’t stare at people. That’s rude.You find her pretty? You find him handsome? You find someone who dresses up weirdly? Don’t stare! The key is Self-discipline!

8. Don’t be disappointed if there are no gwapos/gwapas in your class. You’re not there in college to look for a boyfriend/girlfriend or a potential spouse. You’re there to study!

9. Listen to orientations. Though they may be boring, they’re very important. Trust me. I skipped my orientation and I missed a lot of important things. Some of your teachers, if they’re evil (hohoho) will test you if you listened to the orientations. My first English quiz was about our library orientation.

10. Most important!!! Super Important!!! Don’t forget to ask for God’s assistance. Pray that God will guide you and help you make wise decisions. Pray so that you will overcome the pressure and difficulties that College has in store for you. Pray for good health (one absence is sort of equivalent to a week’s).  Pray that He will help you get through with your course in the next 4 or 5 years.

I wrote this a year ago and posted this on my ex-blog, which is now dead to me. I made some changes, though. 😀 Hope these tips help you. I do hope too that these tips will help me and get me through going back to being a newbie again and starting fresh.

Me in Physics Lab... Hahaha. LOL. Making this post makes me dig so many things from the past.

God bless us all, noobies.

Bye bye, CDU!

The section who will miss their pretty classmate (me) this coming school year. 😀 God Bless, guys. Do your best! I'm just a text away.


7 thoughts on “Tips for Incoming Freshman College Students (and Transferees)

  1. ok…………………………………………..i will follow that tips! ayyyyy…..2d yer naman diay ko! heheheheheheheh i will miss you jami!

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