A Repository: Collage of College Memories

Tomorrow June 6, is my first day of classes–that is if I had not shifted from Medical Technology in Cebu Doctor’s University to University of San Carlos B.S. Archi. While my classmates, or shall I say former classmates are looking forward to their big day tomorrow, I’m going to be looking forward only to tomorrow’s NBA finals Game 3. Tomorrow, they will be waking up early while I will still be asleep in my butt. Tomorrow they will reunite while I will be facing the television, screaming at it while Mavs scores and tweeting the latest scores.

I don’t actually regret making this decision. I know it’s a wise one. But I have to admit, there are times I thought about the what ifs. The most thought about is: What if I had chosen to stay?

Thinking about that makes me miss my classmates more.  It brings up the past as well.

These are my favorite memories in CDU (not arranged in chronological order since I cannot remember which came first.)

touring CEBU on our Eco-tour

hosting the Christmas Party in Jollibee

Laughing our a$$es out during free periods

Being surprised by the guys on Valentine's day

Wrestling each other

pigging, I mean dining out

Celebrating someone's birthday

Conducting experiments and camwhoring in the Chemistry Laboratory

Carolling to earn funds for our NSTP Project

implementing our NSTP project

Chillin' in the lobby while watching movies played in the laptop during looong breaks

Shooting for our English Project

photographing specimens through the microscope, labeling them using Photoshop and posting them for my classmates online

Group studying in the library

Camwhoring in the washroom

5 thoughts on “A Repository: Collage of College Memories

  1. I love how the picture of pigging out is miko! :)) You will be missed my dear. But I’m sure that you will do great with your new course. Love youu.

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