Chronicles of my Shifting: It’s not EASY!

This year, I’m starting fresh as a transferee -slash- shiftee from my course Medical Technology in Cebu Doctor’s University to BS. Architecture in University of San Carlos. Shifting to this course entailed herculean effort and much patience not only on my part, but also on my parents’ part.

Shifting is not as easy as you think it is… Let me give you an overview:

1. It’s not easy getting cleared from my old school. I need to let all the offices sign my clearance, including the laboratories and services that I did not even avail in my whole year of stay in CDU. There was a time or two that I was unfortunate because the technician was out for awhile on a break. I had to wait for him/her. But after having all the things in my clearance signed, I lined up for the Registrar’s office, only to discover that it was now close for Lunch Break. I think I went to CDU for three days to accomplish my clearance.

2. It’s not easy getting my subject credited. I had to visit each department at a time. I even got stuck in a department for an hour or two waiting for the Chair who’s apparently late, to arrive. Mind you, USC is a mountainous area and the subjects I have for crediting are from one building to another. I had to walk! To ride the shuttle was not even an option because I was to hop from one building to another. I wouldn’t like to spend five pesos again and again. And yes, I got lost most of the time, too.

3. Enrollment takes time. It’s not easy to wait. The queue was long, even as early as 8am.

4. It’s not easy because there are so many requirements and processes to pass that with their number, I forgot the important ones.

I was not able to submit the birth certificate original copy and the good moral from Cebu Doctor’s University. I signed a waiver, however, and they allowed me to enroll without this requirements. But the flow of my enrollment would have been smoother if I had them complete.

5. It’s not easy when your new to the system. USC utilizes ISMIS (Integrated School Management Information System).While it is a modernized enrollment and information system, it still has it flaws. One of which is its speed or shall I say lack thereof.

6. It’s not easy when all the schedules you like are full.

Most of the subjects I want to take to get me fully loaded are closed. This resulted to my being ‘UNDERLOAD!’ which spells ‘DISQUALIFICATIONS for DEAN’S LIST.’ And boy, it’s such a big blow on me. I’ve been on the honor roll since I was in kindergarten. I graduated with high honors in Elementary and High School. In CDU, I was listed in the Presidential List which contains the names of the students who average 1.35 and below.

I’m still going to talk to the Chair about this dilemma. T.T

My temporary Schedule:

I really hope I could ask the Chair to squeeze me in Humanities (in black), because among the other schedules, it’s the only schedule that will not conflict with my other subjects. But even if I have Humanities, I’ll still be 1 unit short. T.T

Choosing your schedules with ISMIS


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