Happy Independence Day All!

For three centuries, the Philippines had been under the colonial rule of the Spaniard. For three centuries, the Philippines suffered injustice, cruelty and treatment not even befitting to that of an animal’s, the Philippines shed blood and sweat to fight for a freedom that is due for them.

On the 12th of July, 1898, General Emilio Aguinaldo proclaimed the Philippine’s Independence from the colonial rule of Spain. This event was preceded by bloody battles and great sacrifices of our Philippine heroes.

Fast forward to a hundred years from the Declaration, the Philippines by law is a free and democratic country but in itself is a country that is colonized by its mentality. The freedom that our ancestors fought for, the freedom that they died for in order for us to live has not been fully grasped by its constituents. For the Philippines, even though a free country, is still enslave by colonial mentality that palliates the Filipino’s nationality.This mentality is the very reason why the Filipinos, despite their freedom has not developed a real sense of love for the country.

If Rizal, Bonifacio or Aguinaldo would resurrect from their graves, they would point their bloody fingers at us and accuse us for doing no justice to their deaths.

This Independence day, let us commemorate the deaths and the sacrifices our ancestors made in order for us to live this day as free citizens.

Happy Independence Day.


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