Let me begin by saying I’m having what every blogger dreads of experiencing. A backlog.

If you have noticed, I haven’t been updating this blog as often as I do. Well, it’s not that I’m busy, I’m just uninspired. I cannot think of what to write. I cannot organize my thoughts or even point them out. Even any random event, I simply run out of words to describe it.

But my other blog is active, though. is a photoblog where I post my photos of the day. Although it’s effort to post-produce pictures, for me, it’s less work than writing. I admit now… I’m not really much of a writer. True, I can write technically, but I’m not as good as those with innate writing skills and very organized thoughts and ideas. Right now, I’m uninspired to write anything and aside from that, I’m so much into photography that I actually forget how to express with words. Right now, I have a new medium of expression and ventilation and that’s photography. It’s actually easier since a picture can say a thousand words already. And whew, that saves me all the writing.


And here is the girl who complains she could write better in high school. I’m seriously losing my Midas’ touch. I need to write in order to improve, but with my course (Architecture) which I totally loved, by the way, enhances my artsy side instead of my vocabulary side.


If you have been kind to read this post, you’ll notice how I talk so informally when I usually am a very technical or poetic writer depending on how I feel. So, I’m not myself right now.


A Recent Photo of me


4 thoughts on “Backlog

  1. guess what jam, i got introduced to this one batchmate of mine and my friend was like “oy, she has a blog.” and the guy was like “i know. i read it.” i was like. WTF! like seriously. it’s awkward when someone in real life says straight to your face “i read your blog” i feel so violated. O.o

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