USC Weekly Evaluation

My first week in my new University is over. My first five days is actually like a roller coaster, but that makes it all so exciting. I’m totally loving the school minus the long queues and the food. (I still miss CDU’s food, especially the delicious tapa from Ksean and Honey Glazed Pork and who would ever forget my favorite desert: mango float). Anyway, I listed the highlights of my week below:

1. Got colds and cough. I get sweaty and hot under the sun while walking from one building to another and when I get inside my classroom, it’s air conditioned.

2. Made a few friends, though I doubt I’ll be as close to them as I were with my CDU friends. But me being able to make friends is actually a miracle in itself. I thought I was they shy type of person, but I was actually the opposite of shy. I definitely know now how to strike a conversation. Woooh!

3, Practiced Free-hand drawing. Our first activity in one of our majors was to copy my teacher’s drawing. He drew patterns and lines. Sure, they were easy, but that’s what you thought. It’s difficult to draw a straight line without any straight edge to use. T.T… Okay, I so sucked. So during my free time, I practice. If I don’t improve, I’d be damned to hell.

4. Become a nomad. I practically do everything alone. I’m an irregular student, so I don’t have classmates with the same schedule all through out. But being alone’s not so bad actually. I could actually mobilize faster and accomplish more tasks than when I am with a group.

5. Bought Archi Materials. Woah. T-square, triangles, scales, french curves, tech pens, pencils of all kinds… All my materials amounted to about 5,000 pesos. (Freakin’ expensive.) So I promised to take care of my things. I’m a little apprehensive though. I’m a klutz and I could end up losing all these things. What I did last night was label my stuffs with my initials/nickname ‘Jam’ and with it my contact number.

6. Wrote a journal using a scratch notebook. When you’re alone, a lot of thoughts run inside your head. It would be such a waste to let them pass, so I wrote them down. I’m seriously considering documenting my college life (5 years of it) in a diary or journal. I might start a blog about it, too.

Okay, that’s it for now. I gotta go and prepare for the GREENIN’ Philippines IEC for which I am a speaker. 😀


2 thoughts on “USC Weekly Evaluation

  1. holey cheescakes, i could use nuimber 6 too. I’m also being nomad now jam. haha I think i shoud and WILL get used to it. :]

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