ALEx Interacts and Distributes Good to Fire Victims Kids

A fire broke out in Brgy. Labangon sitio Bugnay last May 29, 2011, razing 26 houses. in the area. For the mean time, the victims of the fire are currently living in tents near the chapel.

The Aboitiz Leaders of Excellence brings 65 ‘back to school’ goodies to the children of the affected barangay.Β  The goodies were from the donations of the Dutch partners of ALEx, the donations from UP chapter and the materials bought using the proceeds of the ALEx Shoe Sale conducted weeks ago.Β  A small program was conducted before we proceed with the distribution. The program began with a prayer led by Michael.

Michael volunteered to lead the prayer.

After the prayer, Vinder Singh, one of the active members of the Aboitiz Leaders of Excellence conducted the ‘Bring Me’ game. Not only the children were excitedly participative, their respective parents were as well. The winners got to take home toys, courtesy of the donations of the Dutch partners of ALEx.

Vinder plays Bring Me with the kids.Here he asks the name of the girl who has given him what he asked for.

After the ‘Bring Me’ game was concluded, ALEx introduced its members.

Vinder, the host had forgotten to introduced himself, too. When he asked the kids if they knew who he was, they all said ‘yes’, and shouted, ‘Alex.’ It was a good idea after all to introduce ourselves to the kids or they’ll think that ALEx is a person in the face of Vinder Singh.

Another game was started. This game was the famous parlour game ‘The Boat is Sinking.” Five winners were selected from the game and they received toys each.

This little boy is closely paying attention to Vinder. You can see how much he wants to win from how his eyes glitter.

The ALEx members started to distribute the goodies after the last game was finished.

Razilee, ALEx Chair and Clarizza,the program's head read the names of the children 0n the list and the other members (Cheyenne in the picture above) handed the goodies to those who were called.

The happy face of this child upon receiving the goodies makes ALEx members happy and fulfilled.

Such a huge smile on his face.

At the end of the distribution, Vinder had advised the kids to benchmark the members of ALEx who dedicated a part of their time in helping and making children happy. Razilee, the president gave the final words. Then, ALEx turned over a box of clothes to donate to the victims of the fire. The distribution of these school supplies goods is just one of ALEx’s activities to bring joy to less-privileged children. ALEx hopes to be doing more than this in the future.

The kids wave the bundle of joy they received from ALEx. You can tell that they love their presents and the camera as well.

ALEx with the Brgy. Captain of Labangon, Vic Buendia


9 thoughts on “ALEx Interacts and Distributes Good to Fire Victims Kids

  1. Hey, Ate,
    How are you?
    I was browsing through the internet and came across your blog. It’s nice to see that you are still involved in philanthropic activities and continuing to be servant leader. Goes to show that some things don’t change. πŸ˜€

    God bless.

    • woah christian…. was so surprised and happy to have heard from u. hahaha
      how are u doin?
      haven’t been updating my blog lately because Im busy with school and stuff and i have a new blog, as well. πŸ˜€

      • Hey, Ate,
        I’m ok, will be graduating from High School this November :). Sir Sevare told me about you and how you were giving seminars. He’s currently in Sydney, Australia.
        I enjoyed reading your older posts, very glad to have found them. Thanks for the inspiration, Sensei.
        Also heard that you graduated as Valedictorian. Congratulations.
        Keep up your excellent work, Ate πŸ˜€

      • awh thanks… im currently an architecture student right now. ive shifted from med tech. hehe.
        im so glad to hear from u, really. and im glad ur doing well. what course are u planning to take?

        ohmigosh. u’ve read my other posts? hahaha/ how embarrassing. but that’s fine. im still glad u did. πŸ˜€
        btw, my blog here isnt so active anymore… Here’s my new one:

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