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Fondness I hear in his voice when he speaks of her
The eyes light up in delight and wonder
They are quite good friends, I say in my defense.
His special smile for her, because they are good friends.

He anticipates the end of the day for her.
He waits and meets her, they go home together.
They live near each other, I say in my defense
He walks her home, because they are good friends.

On her birthday, a poem he composes
He offers with it, a pretty bouquet of red roses
It’s her special day, I say in my defense
His effort in all of it, because they are good friends

Note: Hello, blog… It’s been awhile. It’s been more than a year since my last post.

Best Wishes

Man’s POV

I stood in front of the altar
Clutching and feeling my  heart
The day she awaited finally came
and the situation will never be the same.

The whole crowd gasped, she’s finally here.
Like a beautiful angel, she appeared.
Step by step, she approached me near
But the ambiance of joy quickly disappeared

Yes, I was in front of the altar.
Yes, I was waiting for her.
But I was beside the man she’s marrying
I was just the best man of the wedding.

The euphoria I felt quickly died
My heart start to thaw with the tears it cried
When I opened my eyes to snap out of trance
I came to realize there is no more chance

She’s getting married. She can’t turn back now.
I should’ve loved her like she taught him how
The only thing I could do is wish her happiness.
No matter how painful it is to say, “Best Wishes.”

Woman’s POV

Here I am on this day
Standing pretty, if I may say
My feet seem numb, my vision blurry
I tried t breathe in and out to calm me

Everyone gasped as I entered
I felt an aura of joy in every corner
Step by step, I approached my man.
But my sight led me to the best man.

His expression was sad, his face weary
His eyes look sad as if he was teary.
Like a flash of light, all came back to me.
I was looking at the one I loved who never turned to me.

I remember when I told him of this day.
It pained me to hear his answer. Just, “okay.”
I thought he would even try to contradict me.
I thought that he’d do something to even stop me.

I’m getting married, and I can’t turn back now.
He should’ve loved  me like he taught me how.
The only thing I could do is try to forget you
Even if it’s the most painful thing to do.


I wonder if you think of me in the way I think of you.
I wonder if you replay the past like I’d always do.
I wonder if you wait for my texts like I’d always waited for yours everynight.
I know so well I like you, I’d hope you also might.

I wonder if you save my messages and read them when you’re  bored.
I wonder if you get butterflies whenever you hear my voice.
I wonder if you see in my eyes the fondness I have for you.
Its funny how I imagine this, when I know these things will never be true.

I realize you’ll never think of me in the way I think of you.
You don’t remember the past or treasure the memory of me and you.
You don’t wait at all for my text like I wait for yours.
To you, I’m nobody, just a temporary friend of yours.

You don’t save my messages. You’re to busy to be bored.
Of course, there aren’t butterflies whenever you hear my voice.
I still don’t know whether you know bout’ what I feel for you.
But, it’s painful this reality, because these things are true.

By: Jam