USC Weekly Evaluation

My first week in my new University is over. My first five days is actually like a roller coaster, but that makes it all so exciting. I’m totally loving the school minus the long queues and the food. (I still miss CDU’s food, especially the delicious tapa from Ksean and Honey Glazed Pork and who would ever forget my favorite desert: mango float). Anyway, I listed the highlights of my week below:

1. Got colds and cough. I get sweaty and hot under the sun while walking from one building to another and when I get inside my classroom, it’s air conditioned.

2. Made a few friends, though I doubt I’ll be as close to them as I were with my CDU friends. But me being able to make friends is actually a miracle in itself. I thought I was they shy type of person, but I was actually the opposite of shy. I definitely know now how to strike a conversation. Woooh!

3, Practiced Free-hand drawing. Our first activity in one of our majors was to copy my teacher’s drawing. He drew patterns and lines. Sure, they were easy, but that’s what you thought. It’s difficult to draw a straight line without any straight edge to use. T.T… Okay, I so sucked. So during my free time, I practice. If I don’t improve, I’d be damned to hell.

4. Become a nomad. I practically do everything alone. I’m an irregular student, so I don’t have classmates with the same schedule all through out. But being alone’s not so bad actually. I could actually mobilize faster and accomplish more tasks than when I am with a group.

5. Bought Archi Materials. Woah. T-square, triangles, scales, french curves, tech pens, pencils of all kinds… All my materials amounted to about 5,000 pesos. (Freakin’ expensive.) So I promised to take care of my things. I’m a little apprehensive though. I’m a klutz and I could end up losing all these things. What I did last night was label my stuffs with my initials/nickname ‘Jam’ and with it my contact number.

6. Wrote a journal using a scratch notebook. When you’re alone, a lot of thoughts run inside your head. It would be such a waste to let them pass, so I wrote them down. I’m seriously considering documenting my college life (5 years of it) in a diary or journal. I might start a blog about it, too.

Okay, that’s it for now. I gotta go and prepare for the GREENIN’ Philippines IEC for which I am a speaker. 😀


A Repository: Collage of College Memories

Tomorrow June 6, is my first day of classes–that is if I had not shifted from Medical Technology in Cebu Doctor’s University to University of San Carlos B.S. Archi. While my classmates, or shall I say former classmates are looking forward to their big day tomorrow, I’m going to be looking forward only to tomorrow’s NBA finals Game 3. Tomorrow, they will be waking up early while I will still be asleep in my butt. Tomorrow they will reunite while I will be facing the television, screaming at it while Mavs scores and tweeting the latest scores.

I don’t actually regret making this decision. I know it’s a wise one. But I have to admit, there are times I thought about the what ifs. The most thought about is: What if I had chosen to stay?

Thinking about that makes me miss my classmates more.  It brings up the past as well.

These are my favorite memories in CDU (not arranged in chronological order since I cannot remember which came first.)

touring CEBU on our Eco-tour

hosting the Christmas Party in Jollibee

Laughing our a$$es out during free periods

Being surprised by the guys on Valentine's day

Wrestling each other

pigging, I mean dining out

Celebrating someone's birthday

Conducting experiments and camwhoring in the Chemistry Laboratory

Carolling to earn funds for our NSTP Project

implementing our NSTP project

Chillin' in the lobby while watching movies played in the laptop during looong breaks

Shooting for our English Project

photographing specimens through the microscope, labeling them using Photoshop and posting them for my classmates online

Group studying in the library

Camwhoring in the washroom

My Summer Evaluation


  • established two blogs and kept them active
  • had my first DSLR
  • self-studied photography by watching online tutorials and reading Digital Photography School
  • learned to play Defense of the Ancient (DotA), but never really became good at it. hehehe.
  • conducted 5 Photoshoots and saw how much I improved as I progressed

My Photoshoots... Conducted 5 of them in two months time

  • visited Bohol

    me in Bohol, love the white sands in Panglao and its nearby islets

  • Attended the Cebu Blog Camp 2011
  • Toured University of San Carlos and had all of my first year Med Tech credited for my shifting to Architecture
  • Outing with friends in Coco Palms
  • Outing with Friends in Papa Kit’s
  • documented for YMA 5’s KAC (Kool Adventure Camp)
  • read three books (WAAAH! Just three in two months? My sister who’s not a bookworm like me had read the Princess Diaries series: ten of them! Whereas me? Just three?)
  • learned new photoshop techniques (adjusting levels and Dragan effect)
  • Got a bit better in putting on make up (did my sister’s make up for her recital)
  • watched two ANTM (America’s Top Next Model) seasons (14 and 15)
  • attended two Shoebox Distributions

Unaccomplishments T.T(stuffs I should’ve done)

  • did not learn how to drive. Before summer began, it was one of my goals.
  • did not play tennis. I didn’t find a summer clinic. Playing tennis was also in my list of to-do’s and it’s now in my list of should-have-done’s.
  • didn’t learn any musical instrument. When it comes to music, I’m such a loser. I have no special skill or talent when it comes to this field.
  • bough color pencils before summer began but had not used it since I have drawn nothing but doodles. Incoming Architecture student, yet I have drawn none. Drawing was once my lifestyle (I drew everyday and was really good at it) and it’s sad that I have lost that in me. But I think my knack for drawing will come back this school year as I’ll be an Architecture student.
  • not saved a penny.
  • discontinued a daily routine of jogging. I used to jog everyday until I got sick. Then, I never returned.
  • Missed an opportunity to attend the Cebu Young Leader’s Summit because I have made prior commitments to Cebu Blog C,amp, but I didn’t regret choosing CBC over CYLS.
  • Missed 2 DYAB radio guestings for Young Minds Academy Promotions
  • Haven’t gotten over ____

I think my summer’s productive when I think about all the things I’ve learned and things I’ve done. Well, I’m saying that because my summer had been dedicated to photography and blogging. I’ve even made a joke saying that I’m married to blogging but is having an affair with photography. I can say for myself that I’ve really improved in photography and have maximized my camera well by conducting photoshoots with friends , setting a mini-studio in my sister’s room for practice, self-learning online, knowing the basics and experimenting with whatever I learned and practicing until I think it’s perfect (though most of my shots are not).

But if I compare my 2010 summer to this, I’d say I was more productive a year ago (minus the photography part). Last year, I traveled to Hong Kong, went to far away places around Cebu courtesy of Young Minds Academy, volunteered for C-CIMPEL during the 2010 elections, participated in a Governance forum in informing the public about the President and VP candidates’ records and reinvented myself as a new and improved Jam.  But my favorite memory of all last year was experiencing the bittersweetness of falling in-like/love with someone which I so lack this year.

I still have more summers to come. But note to self, next year I’ll be 19. 19 feels old… I even feel old at 18, though my life as an adult had just begun. Next year, I should live my summer to the fullest as it will be my last year as a teenager.

me with family and relatives in Hong Kong Ocean Park las year. It was my first time abroad.

A Soliloqy: I Wonder

Why does it feel so weird without hearing a word from you? Why does it feel so nostalgic thinking about you? I asked myself ‘why?’ and realized that I’ve had the answers all along, yet I can’t acknowledge them. I wonder what it is that is making it such a tough thing to do. Is it my pride, that barrier between the truth and rationalizations? Or is it hope, one thing that’s supposed to do good in the world, yet serve as an adversary for me?

Everytime I hear your name, I get lost in my thoughts again and bits of things from the past flashes back. I try to take a step forward to move on, but everytime I do, fortuitously, something happens that make me look back and take three steps backward. In the end, I’m running around in circles. Distance infinite, but displacement zero.

I’m cropping you out of my life and wonder if I do, would you try to paste yourself back in it? I’m walking away from you, and wonder if you would even notice it. I’m going to bury you in the back of my mind right now and wonder that what I might be doing would dig my own grave instead. I’m going to move forward, and wonder if one glance would make me fall again. I’m not going to miss you and wonder if what I just said was a lie.

There are so many things to wonder about. I might know the answers or have a good guess of what they are, but I choose not to, because sometimes, ignorance is bliss and the more you don’t know, the more you’re guarded.

But I wonder…

I  wonder if Miami Heat wins this NBA finals. (Off-topic suddenly. Hehehe.) So enough of soliloquies, enough of dramas, enough of nostalgic brooding over some kind of fling, enough of trying to figure him out, enough of trying to figure me out, enough of comparing the past and the present. It’s time for the game. Go Heat!

Finding my Own Niche

Good morning, readers and a Blessed Sunday to all.

I recently attended the Cebu Blog Camp 2011 yesterday. I got to meet other bloggers from different fields of interests, distinct niches and unique personalities. But there were also personal bloggers like me, and random bloggers who blog about anything under the sun.


However, after some cogitations that I’ve made since last night and this morning, I have decided to make a separate account of all my personal blog posts and my field of interest blog post. So, I’m making a separate blog for all my photographic adventure. I wish to establish a distinct identity as a blogger and a photography hobbyist at the same time, maintain my sanity (LOL!) and freedom.


So, stay tune for my upcoming photoblog. I will be using Blogger, so that I could manage two blogs at a time. This wouldn’t be easy as pie if it weren’t for: Mozilla Firefox 4. Yes, I’ve already fulfilled one of my resolutions after the camp.


Mozilla Firefox has its new features, such as Persona (add skin to your browser), super fast start-up time, support HTML 5 and the one and only ‘Panorama Feature (Ctrl+Shift+E), which allows users to group tabs together. It’s really useful if your a hardcore Net surfer and you open a dozen tabs at a time.

Here’s how I will utilize Mozilla Firefox 4 to help me manage my blogs.

Soon, I’ll be opening my photoblog. I hope you stay tune. 😀 I hope that you will also support me all the way. (I’m talking to you, my new readers who came across my blog thanks to the Cebu Blog Camp. :D)

Tumblr Challenge

I saw this posted by my best friend in Facebook. Upon reading the challenge, I’m quite interested. I know I’m supposed to do this in Tumblr and for ten consecutive days, but I’m done with Tumblr, and I know I can’t keep up for ten consecutive days without getting hit by ‘ningas-kugon’ plague. So, I’m doing this here in my blog and I’m doing this all in one post.

Ten Things you want to say to ten different people: 

1. Nicole: I miss you, girly.

2. Dee: Thanks for accompanying me to USC-TC.

3. Lyssa:  Thanks for being the instrument of helping me reconnect with God.

4. Mama and Papa: Thanks for giving me the best birthday gift. Thanks for supporting me in my studies.

5. *Ahem1*: I have nothing to say to you, but I do hope things would go back to the way it was before.

6. Irvin: We really need to catch up with each other.

7. Pretty Boy: I am so annoyed at you sometimes. Okay, maybe most of the time…

8. Jizbeth: Please don’t be such a bully. But thanks for bearing with my nonsense and with all my photography frenzy.

9. *Ahem2:* I’m so over you. Or so I think until I run into you again.

10. Pretty Stranger: Can I make you my model?

Nine Things About Myself:

1. I recently like photography.

2. I used to be a Kpop fan, but I think I grew out of that.

3. I’m such a hopeless romantic.

4. My favorite color is green.

5. I have a lot of frog stuff toys

6. I have three dogs: two puppies and their mother.

7. I cried watching 3 idiots three times.

8. I am going to be an Architecture student in USC.

9. I love Gossip Girl.

Eight Ways to Win Your Heart

1. Ask me about myself. Egotistic much? Maybe? Hehehe. I do love talking about myself but not in a cocky kind of way. I love talking about things I love like my hobbies, etc.

2. Make me laugh genuinely.

3.  Make me feel comfortable around you

4. Open up to me. You win my heart when I know you trust me.

5. Talk to me about meaningful things: like life, education, politics, love, movies and song preference

6.  Text me late at night. I love conversations late in the evening.

7. Write me a heartfelt letter.

8. Compliment me. Hahahaha. I have to be honest. I’m a kind of person who’s easily flattered. 😀

Seven Things that Cross your mind

1. What to wear tomorrow? (That is if I have an appointment on that day)

2.  My deepest secrets, including Ahem1 and Ahem2.

3. My future

4. Architecture… Am I going to do well there? Am I going to make good friends like I did when I was in CDU-Med Tech.

5. Photography… What is the theme of my next photoshoot? Where and when?

6.  My LSS (Last song syndrome) for the day.

7.  God…

Six Things You Wished You’ve Never Done 

1. Eat a lot and gain lots of weight

2. Overused my laptop and destroyed the motherboard.

3.  Bought some books I never finished reading

4. Spend so much on earphones and headphones that at the end of the year, I saved no money.

5. Destroyed things that have sentimental values like the iPod I asked my parents to buy for me when I was a first year high school student.

6. Not answered Alexa’s phone call

Five People Who mean a lot to you (in no particular order. This is really hard.)  

1. Mama

2. Papa

3. Jizbeth

4. Dee

5. Irvin

Four Turn-offs

1. Smokers

2. Tattoos

3. Being a know-it-all

4. Profanity

Three Turn Ons

1. Musical talent (guitar, vocals, piano)

2. Friendliness (ability to make me feel warm towards him/her)

3.  Sense of Humor

Two Smileys that describe your life right now.

1. O.o (confused)

2. 😀 (Happy)

One Secret

 Really, if I spill this, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore. Hahaha. Sorry, but a secret is still a secret. So I’m gonna shut up and not tell you.