YMX: The first Orientation

I’m back after a very, very long hiatus. I’ve not been blogging for three months using blogger and almost  8 months using wordpress. I’ve been preoccupied much with other stuffs and I’ve been losing my knack for writing.

Anyway, I’ve decided to revisit my passion as a blogger because I feel like I want to share to the whole world the wonderful opportunity that I had been given. The Young Minds on eXplore or YMX for short give me an opportunity to travel abroad and visit two of Cebu’s sister’s cities located in Netherlands and Belgium. Most importantly, YMX gives me an opportunity to serve my city. Going to these two European countries will significantly open my minds to the cultural differences which will perhaps catalyze my maturity,and independence and will also help me know what I can do for my own city. Being given the opportunity meant being given also huge responsibilities. The travel is not the culmination of the hard work of preparations but will only be just a portion of the processes a delegate will undergo.

Last Saturday, February 4, 2012, the YMX delegates had the first group dynamic activities to help us get to know each other better and to help us understand team work better.

The delegates trying to untangle themselves.

In an activity similar to the children’s game Dr. Quack Quack, where we try to untangle ourselves until we form a free circle, tangles served as metaphors for problems. In this activity, we learned that a problem of one is the problem of the whole group and that we cannot just detach from each other. There is no ‘I’ in TEAM.

After a series of group dynamics, we had an orientation about the Dutch culture which heightened our excitement yet triggered a little apprehension among us.

The Dutch culture is very, very different from Filipino culture. I’ve never thought about culture as one of the adversities of the trip, but actually, I think it would be the biggest adversity of all. It takes a lot of openness and flexibility to overcome culture shock when I reach the Netherlands, but at least the orientation provided an overview.

One of the most interesting facts I’ve learned about the Netherlands is that it is a flat land  and most of area is located below sea level. But the Dutch managed to make land liveable by constructing dikes. This demonstrates how advance engineering and architecture is in Netherlands. As an architecture student myself, I’m looking forward to learning more about this.

I’m also looking forward to Queen’s day. It’s a very big festival in the Netherlands and I can’t wait to witness it.

Well, I guess this will be all for now. Stay tune.


USC Weekly Evaluation

My first week in my new University is over. My first five days is actually like a roller coaster, but that makes it all so exciting. I’m totally loving the school minus the long queues and the food. (I still miss CDU’s food, especially the delicious tapa from Ksean and Honey Glazed Pork and who would ever forget my favorite desert: mango float). Anyway, I listed the highlights of my week below:

1. Got colds and cough. I get sweaty and hot under the sun while walking from one building to another and when I get inside my classroom, it’s air conditioned.

2. Made a few friends, though I doubt I’ll be as close to them as I were with my CDU friends. But me being able to make friends is actually a miracle in itself. I thought I was they shy type of person, but I was actually the opposite of shy. I definitely know now how to strike a conversation. Woooh!

3, Practiced Free-hand drawing. Our first activity in one of our majors was to copy my teacher’s drawing. He drew patterns and lines. Sure, they were easy, but that’s what you thought. It’s difficult to draw a straight line without any straight edge to use. T.T… Okay, I so sucked. So during my free time, I practice. If I don’t improve, I’d be damned to hell.

4. Become a nomad. I practically do everything alone. I’m an irregular student, so I don’t have classmates with the same schedule all through out. But being alone’s not so bad actually. I could actually mobilize faster and accomplish more tasks than when I am with a group.

5. Bought Archi Materials. Woah. T-square, triangles, scales, french curves, tech pens, pencils of all kinds… All my materials amounted to about 5,000 pesos. (Freakin’ expensive.) So I promised to take care of my things. I’m a little apprehensive though. I’m a klutz and I could end up losing all these things. What I did last night was label my stuffs with my initials/nickname ‘Jam’ and with it my contact number.

6. Wrote a journal using a scratch notebook. When you’re alone, a lot of thoughts run inside your head. It would be such a waste to let them pass, so I wrote them down. I’m seriously considering documenting my college life (5 years of it) in a diary or journal. I might start a blog about it, too.

Okay, that’s it for now. I gotta go and prepare for the GREENIN’ Philippines IEC for which I am a speaker. 😀



Let me begin by saying I’m having what every blogger dreads of experiencing. A backlog.

If you have noticed, I haven’t been updating this blog as often as I do. Well, it’s not that I’m busy, I’m just uninspired. I cannot think of what to write. I cannot organize my thoughts or even point them out. Even any random event, I simply run out of words to describe it.

But my other blog is active, though. thephotonoobie.blogspot.com is a photoblog where I post my photos of the day. Although it’s effort to post-produce pictures, for me, it’s less work than writing. I admit now… I’m not really much of a writer. True, I can write technically, but I’m not as good as those with innate writing skills and very organized thoughts and ideas. Right now, I’m uninspired to write anything and aside from that, I’m so much into photography that I actually forget how to express with words. Right now, I have a new medium of expression and ventilation and that’s photography. It’s actually easier since a picture can say a thousand words already. And whew, that saves me all the writing.


And here is the girl who complains she could write better in high school. I’m seriously losing my Midas’ touch. I need to write in order to improve, but with my course (Architecture) which I totally loved, by the way, enhances my artsy side instead of my vocabulary side.


If you have been kind to read this post, you’ll notice how I talk so informally when I usually am a very technical or poetic writer depending on how I feel. So, I’m not myself right now.


A Recent Photo of me

Chronicles of my Shifting: It’s not EASY!

This year, I’m starting fresh as a transferee -slash- shiftee from my course Medical Technology in Cebu Doctor’s University to BS. Architecture in University of San Carlos. Shifting to this course entailed herculean effort and much patience not only on my part, but also on my parents’ part.

Shifting is not as easy as you think it is… Let me give you an overview:

1. It’s not easy getting cleared from my old school. I need to let all the offices sign my clearance, including the laboratories and services that I did not even avail in my whole year of stay in CDU. There was a time or two that I was unfortunate because the technician was out for awhile on a break. I had to wait for him/her. But after having all the things in my clearance signed, I lined up for the Registrar’s office, only to discover that it was now close for Lunch Break. I think I went to CDU for three days to accomplish my clearance.

2. It’s not easy getting my subject credited. I had to visit each department at a time. I even got stuck in a department for an hour or two waiting for the Chair who’s apparently late, to arrive. Mind you, USC is a mountainous area and the subjects I have for crediting are from one building to another. I had to walk! To ride the shuttle was not even an option because I was to hop from one building to another. I wouldn’t like to spend five pesos again and again. And yes, I got lost most of the time, too.

3. Enrollment takes time. It’s not easy to wait. The queue was long, even as early as 8am.

4. It’s not easy because there are so many requirements and processes to pass that with their number, I forgot the important ones.

I was not able to submit the birth certificate original copy and the good moral from Cebu Doctor’s University. I signed a waiver, however, and they allowed me to enroll without this requirements. But the flow of my enrollment would have been smoother if I had them complete.

5. It’s not easy when your new to the system. USC utilizes ISMIS (Integrated School Management Information System).While it is a modernized enrollment and information system, it still has it flaws. One of which is its speed or shall I say lack thereof.

6. It’s not easy when all the schedules you like are full.

Most of the subjects I want to take to get me fully loaded are closed. This resulted to my being ‘UNDERLOAD!’ which spells ‘DISQUALIFICATIONS for DEAN’S LIST.’ And boy, it’s such a big blow on me. I’ve been on the honor roll since I was in kindergarten. I graduated with high honors in Elementary and High School. In CDU, I was listed in the Presidential List which contains the names of the students who average 1.35 and below.

I’m still going to talk to the Chair about this dilemma. T.T

My temporary Schedule:

I really hope I could ask the Chair to squeeze me in Humanities (in black), because among the other schedules, it’s the only schedule that will not conflict with my other subjects. But even if I have Humanities, I’ll still be 1 unit short. T.T

Choosing your schedules with ISMIS


I didn’t think it’d be this quick for me to establish this photoblog.

I just blogged awhile ago that I’ll be starting one and here I am trying to promote one. So, far I’ve made four posts, all of them are reblogged from this blog. But all four fall into the category of photography. As I’ve said, I’m trying to make another entity as a photoblogger.

By the way, my new readers who are fellow Cebu Blog Campers of mine commented on how fast I could post. They didn’t expect that someone in less than 24  2 hours could blog about the event yesterday. Well, that’s me. I blog ASAP before I backlog. But that’s also because I have no other life besides blogging. I have no love life, too. Hahaha. Yes, that’s me. Just stuck at home. Sometimes, because of boredom, I lose a piece of my mind and it’s demonstrated here when I played with helium gas and even if it isn’t really my interest, played DotA, which I stopped playing after awhile because I couldn’t stand losing and being first blood always. But there’s also a good thing with being idle and that’s being able to blog quickly about anything. Not being busy at all at home gives me this ample time to establish a new blog, design it and transfer posts from this blog to it. So, if you’re worried you can’t blog as fast as me, you’re actually fine. You’re doing better. You have a life! CONGRATULATIONS. 😀

Anyway, without any further ado. I present to you THE PHOTOGRAPHIC JOURNEY OF A NOOBIE. Since I’m new to photography and blogging, I christened myself The Noob. (Oh, I so love that word that I use it in other things other than DotA.)

Click on the screenshot to be directed to my photoblog.

I hope I’ll be able to maintain these two blogs I’ll be managing. Classes for me will start on June 13. I fear that when classes start and projects pile up (incoming Archi student here. Lots of Plates to do), I won’t be able to update my blogs as regularly as I do. But even so, I hope you’ll still find time to visit my blog: This one and the new one.

Playing with Helium

Belated Happy Birthday to Me! Gosh, I look DRECKITUDE!

I still have the mother balloon from my 18th birthday last May 20. My cousins played with the other balloons during my birthday but I wasn’t able to join them because I was busy with my guests. So, I decided to try playing with Helium for myself.

The feeling of helium inside my lungs was weird.  It’s like having a mild pre-asthma attack (or maybe I’ve inhaled too much? When I speak, I don’t hear myself. I hear a dwarf-ish high pitched voice instead. It’s pretty fun. But inhaling too much helium has actually side effects and I just discovered that when I wrote this post and researched about the the reason helium makes you sound different.

In my research, I found out that the helium can make sound travel faster so the vibrations will get from the vocal cords to the mouth quicker, which is the very reason the voice resonates in a higher pitch. But I also found out that our body cannot identify if the lungs is short of oxygen until a person falls suddenly unconscious due to too much inhalation of helium. Helium could be fatal because it can cause air bubbles inside the lungs. Gosh!!! I didn’t know that. If I did, I wouldn’t have inhaled that much helium.

Okay, another product of today’s randomness. (I was supposed to use the word ‘boredom’, but thinking about it, I wasn’t bored, just have a knack to make a fool of myself) is me hoolahooping with curlers on my hair. Helium must’ve gotten into my brain causing a temporary damage. Wew.

Cebu Blog Camp 2011

The Cebu blog Camp is an event organized annually by the Cebu Bloggers of the Blog and Soul Movement which is the educating leg of the Philippine Blog Awards Inc.which has been running for already four years. This is the largest gathering of bloggers in Cebu.

THE CEBU BLOG CAMP 2011 is co-presented by

Bronze Sponsors

Geiser Maclang Marketing Communications, Inc.

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Academy for International Culinary Arts


Before I give you five reasons why I would love to attend this Blog Camp, I’d tell you first five reasons I’m into blogging.

 1. Blogging is therapeutic.

 I started a very close relationship with blogging just last March 2011 when I felt the need to vent out. That time, I was bothered by a confusing thought in my head and a discovery of something within me that I couldn’t bring to tell even my closest friends. I was planning to tell them anyway, but I wasn’t ready yet. So, what I did, I wrote my feelings and thoughts and poured out my emotions through words which I posted in my blog. After having written everything, believe it, I felt relief.

 2. Blogging is fun.

My summer is boring. I didn’t take any summer classes or traveled abroad or to other places. I just stayed at home. Blogging kept me entertained throughout the summer and I got to enhance my writing skills, the one I think is rusty after not having exercised them after graduating high school.

3. Blogging allows me to express the words I couldn’t say 

I’m not a very talkative person. (Or maybe, that’s an understatement.) But I do keep my guards up all the time especially when dealing with people I’m not so close with.  Sometimes, I can share my thoughts and feelings better when I write them instead of saying them.

4.  Blogging allows me to keep track of my life. 

Blogging also functions as a diary or journal. With my blog, I can look back to the things I did, events I attended and dramas that I succumbed to and make an evaluation of myself and know the things I improved on and things that still needs improvement.

5.  Blogging keeps my friends updated.

Sometimes, you just can’t tell everything through text messaging or Facebook chatting. In text and Facebook, you can’t write so much details. With my blog, if ever there’s something new with my life: a discovery, a recapitulation, an experience or an idea that needs to be shared, I just message my friends to read my post.

Okay, here are now the reasons I want to join Cebu Blog Camp 2011 this coming May 28, 2011:

1. Because I’m a noob blogger

I’m new to blogging so I don’t know much the 101s there is. I use blogging as a medium of vent outs, and have no idea how to use it for other purposes. I’m sure that joining this camp will fill me with information that will help me become a better blogger.

2. Learn from the experts-

The speakers of the camp are imba bloggers or imba netizens. As a noob, I’d pretty much want to meet these guys.  Since this camp is for free, it’s an opportuniy I must not let slip away. Here is the link of the camp’s program with the list of topics and speakers. (link)

3.  Photography– One of the topics for me  is so timely as I’ve recently developed an extreme, a serious passion for photography. In the camp, we will be taught the basics of photography, how to use camera settings, composition and lighting and the usage of the different photography tools and equipments. (list of program here). This is a very good opportunity for me as I’m not only noob to blogging, but I’m also noob to photography (and DoTa, too… {offtopic} hahaha). I’ve been self-studying photography online, but I know it’s going to be really different when you have someone to mentor you.

 4. Meet new people and expand my network– Honestly, I’m someone who really aspires for fame. Hahaha. I can’t help but want to see more views and hits on my blog and it really makes me happy to see a comment (even a spam, like WTH? I even approved some spams I received, thinking it was a heartfelt comment from a reader) on my dashboard. When I was using blogger, I so aspired to have more followers. Yes, I want to get famous, I want my blog to be popular. Is that wrong? (hahaha.) So, maybe if I meet bloggers who share the same interest (like in my case photography and a bit of randomness and drama in life) I’d get more readers?

5. Freebies– Who doesn’t want them? Hands down.

I hope I’d be able to go to this camp. I’m excited. Can’t wait. See you there!